Academic Instructional Center

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Julia Wrigley

The Academic Instructional Center (AIC) is designed to be the catalyst for evolving the character of the south campus while creating a front door to the university. The design draws from campus architectural heritage to create a new level of architectural quality. The facility is configured in two wings with a linking skywalk.

The AIC design strives to create harmonious relationships between the site, campus, and natural environment. Specific responses include defining the south campus, completing the quadrangle, integrating the existing pathways, creating a new north/south walkway, providing public access to the Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) and Psychology clinics, and nestling the AIC into the sloping topography and forested backdrop.

The East Wing, housing the Psychology and CSD programs, is sited in proximity to the services and parking required to support the departmental public clinics.

The West Wing fronts onto the north/south walkway for convenient access to general campus instructional spaces, lecture halls, computer labs and open collaborative spaces.

The AIC incorporates a number of sustainable strategies such as natural ventilation, thermal mass, solar shading, and energy efficient mechanical and control systems and water savings measures.The exterior of the AIC responds to the specific solar orientation by filtering direct sunlight with solar shading devices. Classrooms in the West Wing are organized around a 2-story atrium with terraced floor plates. South facing facility offices, in the East Wing, are contained within a deep pre-cast concrete frame with horizontal aluminum sunscreens.


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