Aircraft Delivery Center

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Matthew Virkler

Boeing customers come to the Aircraft Delivery Center to receive and fly away newly finished wide-body jets. This remodel transforms a building akin to an industrial bunker into an architecture of perception—perception of the client’s professional culture, perception of the importance of these aircraft transactions, and perception of context. While the industrial surroundings of tarmac and factory remain, the remodel’s architecture shifts perspective out toward the planes and the skies themselves.

Prior to remodel, the 1960s facility was a single-story building with a rough assembly furnishings assembled from then on. This remodel revitalizes interiors for client workspaces, corridors and 27 customer offices; creates eight new conference rooms and a new large business center; and opens spaces via new skylights and glazing. The addition creates a striking new identity for the center, rising around new customer lounge areas, contracts offices, TSA security screening, a Tully’s café and a second-level observation deck to address aircraft waiting on the flight line, and immerse occupants in an experience of skies and planes.

The design fulfills opportunities inherent in the client’s vision, goals and objectives: provide a comfortable environment for the customer and support customer business needs; immerse users in natural light; achieve equality between workspaces, yet with distinctly different spatial experiences from those of the customer areas; and enhance collaboration between people and connectivity to the product.


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