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When our veterans come home, we as a nation have failed to have that “home” ready. And as they age, we continue to fail to care for their housing needs. The Compass Veterans Center shows all of us a way to renew our commitment.

By leveraging funding from eleven sources, including federal, state, county and private capital, and leveraging the design and development skills of the private sector, the CVC achieves a success level that the Regional VA Administrator says “sets a new bar nationwide” and is expected to become a national model for new VA projects.

The complex program has three conflicting goals:
•Separate wings, one for singles and one for families, in order to ensure security, especially for veterans’ children;
•Imbed, into each floor, enriched counseling and support services for these multiple constituencies, and;
•Dedicate communal spaces for social interaction and growth.
In addition, at the ground floor of this urban site, the street scene is energized with a street-front café and barista and general retail and office frontage tenants. Tucked behind the building is a shared use structured parking area.

To best manage costs, the structure is three stories of wood frame over one level of post-tension slab and no underground parking. The exterior is designed with a rich composition of market-proven materials of masonry, metal and cement board, enhanced by warm yet refreshing colors and accents.

At the groundbreaking, U.S. Senator Patty Murray, who helped secure the federal funding said, “I can’t wait to see more veterans getting support from the community they so deserve.”


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