Colman Triplex

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Steve Bull

A 3720 square foot owner-occupied three unit apartment building on a 4000 square foot city lot.

dwelling a | 2040 square feet | three bedrooms
dwelling b | 910 square feet | two bedrooms
dwelling c | 770 square feet | one bedroom

The project is located on a 40'x100' city lot that slopes eight feet from west to east. The property provides views of downtown Seattle across a park that lies both to the east and north. The sloping topography was reshaped into two distinct levels to allow each dwelling to engage a specific portion of the site.

The Colman Triplex challenges prevailing infill development models. The current models are based on the further subdivision of land and the sale of cottages, town houses, or row houses that are generally the same size, too large, and too expensive for a broad portion of the community. This subdivision of land drastically changes the existing development patterns of many neighborhoods.

As an alternative, the Colman Triplex creates an owner driven model based on apartment flats.

This model:

Preserves underlying development patterns
Creates a more diverse community by providing a range of dwelling sizes
Provides more dwellings per unit area
Provides more and better open space
Generates income and greater equity to the resident owner
Allows flexibility for the owner to combine, then re-segregate units as family needs change
Provides long term options for extended family living arrangements


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