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Tom Maul

The building consists of a wall and a roof.

The Owner requested a small potting/writing studio, an outdoor deck, and a fence to separate the driveway from the garden. The extremely small project budget dictated an architectural solution that utilized standard construction techniques and a limited material palette. The project is sited between an existing residence and a concave-shaped hillside to the northeast. The design incorporates the three program elements of studio, deck and fence into one structure. The careful placement of two architectural elements into the site creates three independent spaces. A spiraling wall placed south of the sloping hillside creates an outdoor working yard, while screening car parking from the garden. A folded plate roof placed above the outdoor deck creates an outdoor room for relaxation and cigar smoking. The overlap of wall plus roof defines a room for use as a potting shed and future writing studio. Construction drawings were limited to a floor plan and two building elevations. Details were sketched onsite with the builder using a carpenter pencil on plywood.

A pivoting steel gate placed between the end of the wall and the corner of the existing residence provides security and access between the driveway and garden. A favorite photograph of the Owner’s by 20th century Hungarian photographer Andre Kertesz (“The Circus, Budapest”) inspired the idea to install peep holes at various levels of the gate. The peep holes are placed to form the constellation Draco.


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