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The Crockett Residence is the definition of a Seattle urban infill project, conceived in a well establish neighborhood. A substandard lot of 2,000 sq. ft. (40’x50’) previously held the clients 2-bedroom post and pier bungalow. The site was a remnant of a zoning code change that allowed larger multifamily condominiums, since dwarfing the clients existing home. With a family of five plus four pets, they needed to expand, but did not want to leave their roots. Having sentimental attachments to the site, the challenge was multifaceted; a small lot which would not allow an increased footprint, mutifamily zoning restrictions (more stringent than single family), goals to build sustainably, a limited budget ($330,000), a desire for 4,000 sq. ft. of program in a 1,600 sq. ft. home and a need for a rental apartment to offset the costs of building new. Using the limited 790 sq. ft. allowable footprint, the Crockett Residence was able to accommodate five bedrooms,
two kitchens, and three bathrooms into the three story home. The apartment is accessible from the exterior or interior, allowing the home to adapt to the needs of the family. Remaining a rental until their children become teenagers and then morphing into a family room, after the kids leave home the space will once again become a rental adding income for future retirement plans. An open grasscrete parking spot and roof deck serve as functional outdoor living spaces on a small home that otherwise would have none.


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