Hunt's Point Residence

Demetriou Architects
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Amanda Cavassa

The parti for this home on the lake was to create a house befitting the clients’ welcoming lifestyle, provide for display of their existing art collection and future art, and provide a strong connection between inside and outside with an emphasis on the waterfront setting.

An open plan with view corridors throughout the house, and from the house to the outside, allows the art collection and lake to be viewed from multiple angles while moving through the house. Architectural elements like columns, cabinets, and fireplaces, are arranged to divide spaces without enclosing them, and the lack of walls extending to the waterfront façade creates an unobstructed view of the lake.

Where elements separate the spaces, they are designed with rich finishes, natural materials, and an emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship. This “house as art” approach ties the art to the structure while providing a unifying backdrop for individual paintings and sculptures. Architecture, interior architecture, finishes, furniture design, and art selection and placement were all done in-house, further unifying the project.

Water was used as the connecting element between inside and out. Two pools flanking the front entry contain glass art representing water grasses. Continuing into the living room, a glass floor reveals another pool that flows out from beneath the curtain wall to the exterior, and across and down the terraces to a pool below. This pool in turn flows over an infinity edge down into the yard, where it appears to flow into the lake.


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